Children's Lighthouse Learning Center now open and enrolling in Hoover

HOOVER, Ala. (WIAT) -- For many new mothers, the search for the perfect daycare starts before their child is even born. Holly Copeland began her search seven months prior to her baby girl's arrival.

Copeland says she picked Children's Lighthouse Learning Center because it is a warm, loving and inviting place.

"I love that they send home artwork. Already! At four months old! They do little footprints and make arts and crafts out of them," said Copeland.

As a brand new center, enrollment is filling quickly. Copeland says she felt lucky once she secured a spot for her baby. She says it was important for her to choose a daycare that would help keep her daughter on the schedule and routine they had already developed at home.

"She was sleeping through the night already. And it's every new mother's worst fear that they'll stop sleeping through the night any time their schedule changes at all, even the tiniest bit. So I was worried when we went to daycare, she'd get thrown off, her naps wouldn't be the same, her feedings wouldn't be the same, and so it would be chaos at night time. But that didn't happen since (Children's Lighthouse) is so adaptable," Copeland said.

Children's Lighthouse adapts to the needs of kids in all age groups. They offer care for babies as young as 6-weeks-old, up to kids 12-years-old who can enroll in their afterschool program.

London Myles is at an age where everything is new and exciting. As a precocious 5-year-old, she loves to learn about the world around her. London's teachers help foster and expand her growing mind.

"Every day, it's something different," London's mom, Jamari said. "The last couple of days it was nocturnal animals. She comes home, 'Hey, do you know what a nocturnal animal is? So do you know what they do? Do you know when they sleep?'"

Jamari says Children's Lighthouse gives her peace of mind that her daughter receives the best educational enrichment.

"This is a second home for her. So my expectations are the same as for myself, the way that I teach my daughter, love my daughter, and instill certain traits in her, that's what I wanted from this environment. And needless to say, I've gotten it since she has been here," said Myles.

Center director LaShun Turner says she could not ask for a better more rewarding job.

"I enjoy watching the children learn and grow and progress throughout the different classes. And I love seeing the parents happy and the teachers happy," Turner said.

Tanika Paster says that dropping off her son at his old daycare used to be difficult. Now, her son cannot wait to go to school every day!

"I have the sense of ease when I pull in because he's excited. He's like, 'I go to my new school!' And I even ask, 'Do you want to go back to your other school and see your other teacher. He's like, 'No, I want to go to my new school.' So that gives me a little bit of reassurance knowing that he's excited and he loves to be here," Paster said.

All of the mothers encourage other parents faced with making a daycare decision to visit Children's Lighthouse in person.

"You have to physically go to the daycares that you're considering to really be able to make a good decision," Copeland said.

Center owners, Kent and Kim Rogers, are parents to three daughters and one granddaughter. Aside from raising children of their own, they desire to make a positive impact in the lives of future generations.

"Kim and I feel like if we can be there for our team, and love and support them, and do it in a loving and encouraging way, then those kinds of values and virtues will be passed down. And we want that to be the end result: for the children here to feel like they're loved and nurtured," Rogers said.

To enroll before classes fill to maximum capacity, email or call 205-224-5437. Schedule a tour by clicking here:

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