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eCO Savings Race Update: Finalists Announced!

(CBS 42 Community) — - The 6th edition eCO Savings Race Finalists are:

Team Creekmore

Team Shepherd

Team Sproule

Team Toney


“It has been a great first four months of the eCO Savings Race. We’ve had seven teams that have been working so hard to improve their financial pictures. They’ve all completed Financial Peace University and they are well on the road to reaching their financial success and reaching their financial goals,” said Melissa Stewart with eCO Credit Union.

2018 will be the final eCO Savings Race season.

“We’ve had an incredible time. This is our sixth edition helping families and individuals improve their financial pictures,” said Stewart. This is one reason the judges decided to pick four finalists instead of the traditional three. “We wanted to go back to how it all started with four teams working to improve their financial picture and working for that $10,000 grand prize.”

The remaining teams will continue to compete at home.

“They are going to continue improving their financial picture and working to reach their goals. And they’ll be eligible for that $2000 At-Home Prize that we’ll also be awarded at the finale,” Stewart said.

As always, we will continue to bring you updates on the final teams every Monday night on CBS 42. You can also follow along with all the teams and the progress they are making at

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