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Rachel on the Road: Breakout Birmingham

HOMEWOOD, Ala. (WIAT) -- Are you fast enough to solve the puzzle? Breakout Birmingham tests your group's skills with dozens of clues to figure out against the clock. It's Birmingham's only escape game!

There are multiple themes to chose from.

"We've got Island Escape, Kidnapping, Museum Heights, Mystery Mansion, Hostage and Casino Royal," said Co-owner Jeremy Carter. "Which one is the best? It kind of depends on what you're into. Each room you're trying to breakout in 60 minutes, but the themes are so different."

All ages are allowed to attempt the breakout. Actually sometimes the younger competitors do better.

"You could have a group of 3rd graders figure out things quickly and then a group of adults who can't figure it out as fast," said Game Master Ashleigh Marbutt.

You are given a limited number of hints from a game master that is watching your every move.

"Little kids don't realize you can see them and they'll be like, 'how many fingers am I holding up?' And I'm like I can see you," said Marbutt.

You only have 60 minutes in each room to figure out how to escape. For a list of themes to choose from, click here.

Location: 2717 19th Pl S Homewood, AL 35209

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