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ēCO Savings Race - Chasiti and Timothy Shepherd

This week we are spotlighting Team Shepherd in our eCO Savings Race update.

The Shepherd's goals for the race include; making a budget, paying off a large percentage of their combined debt, saving money for daycare, and creating an emergency fund.

Chasiti and Timothy Shepherd were married back in 2014. Now, they have decided to marry their finances officially.

"My husband and I lived two completely different lives, you know, he had his accounts, and I had my accounts," said Chasiti.

"But to meet our goals, we found it best if we join our accounts," Timothy said.

Chasiti says it's important for them to hold each other accountable and be transparent.

"It's easy for me to buy something and just slide it in the house. You know what I mean? And it's easier for me than him because he's not as sneaky as I am when it comes to stuff like that," said Chasiti.

Timothy is preparing to take his lunch to work every day. "I probably spend about $7 to $10 on lunch every day, so I believe that's a huge saving," Timothy said.

The couple agrees that the savings race is going to be good for their marriage and family in general.

"It's helping us to teach our baby how to save money. She is super excited! We have a little cash register, and she acts like she's grocery shopping and every time someone gives her money she goes and puts it in her piggy bank," said Chasiti.


Choosing to reduce eating out can have a huge impact on your finances. If you are like Timothy and spend $7-$10 on average eating out, packing your lunch can help you free up more than $150 in your monthly budget. This will make a huge difference when trying to meet your financial goals.

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