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eCO Savings Race: Team Sproule and Team Toney coaches update

(CBS42 Community) – We sat down with two of our eCO Savings Race coaches to find out how Team Sproule and Team Toney are doing in the race.

Coaches Judd Davis and Georgia Hux say that the Sproule's have a wonderful sense of determination throughout this race.

"This quote says it well: if you fail to plan then you plan to fail. So I know the Sproule's plan to succeed. We just started in September, and they've already paid off over $3,000 in debt while having all kinds of other things going on in their life, like adoption. So I think it's really amazing that they have committed so much to pay off debt," said Hux.

"Since the race started they had a couple of obstacles that they have had to overcome. But what has really surprised me is their positive attitude throughout the race," Davis said.

While the Sproule's balance paying off debt and preparing for their domestic adoption, Latasha Toney is also staying determined and focused on her financial goals.

"She made such a bare-bones budget from the beginning. And she has stuck with it. It's a strict plan and it would be hard for anyone to follow. So I have been very impressed with her sticking to her budget and she is now reaping the benefits because she is stuck to her budget for the past several months," Hux said.

"She is really driven. She definitely has her eye on the prize and is working to get there every day. She has also paid down on her credit cards and has fully funded her emergency fund," Davis said.

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