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eCO Savings Race: Update on Team Kidd and Team Creekmore

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (CBS42 Community) -- This week we are getting a coaches update on how Team Kidd and Team Creekmore are doing in their eCO Savings Race journey. Coaches Kenny Minton and Jeff Jones say that Kidd is doing an excellent job being motivated to change her financial picture.

"I think the thing that surprised me the most about Ms. Kidd is her desire to change her financial independence and also to take on more jobs so that she can pay off debt and have more savings," Minton said.

"She's looking at her insurance, she is looking at her retirement accounts, and she is considering everything and what she might need to do to benefit her," said Jones.

Jones says that anyone could learn from Ms. Kidd's approach to the savings race

"I think one tip we can learn from Ms. Kidd is that it's never too late, you're never too old to start your financial journey and to try to reach your financial goals," Jones said.

Minton and Jones both agree that the Creekmores have done an excellent job teaching their boys about managing their money.

"A small spark can turn into a raging fire. So a small amount of savings each week can turn into a lot of money.

They had the forethought of saving for Christmas, so they already had a savings account for Christmas this year. Christmas means a lot to the Creekmores, and they've done an excellent job preparing for the holidays," said Kenny.

And the Creekmores show us that sometimes reaching your financial goals may require a little sacrifice.

"One thing we can learn from the Creekmores is that you have to say no to yourself. That's something that they have done with activities that might cost money that they like to do. Both of them took small jobs where they could. Just to get that little bit of extra money to help out with their financial goals," said Jones.

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