Cat rescue hopes to help animal after catastrophic injury

(WIAT) -- The Purrfect Love Cat Rescue is working to raise money and awareness for a three month old cat they say has already been through a terrible ordeal in her short life.

They say they found her wandering around a Calera mobile home park, after they got a tip she was having trouble walking, dragging her hind legs behind her.

She had been shot, they say, in the back. The bullet is still lodged in her spine.

"This person, whoever did it, did it with the intent to kill this cat. She had that will to not die, and to drag herself a trailer park for several days in search of food tells us she had the will to live," said Vice President Rita Bransom Bowman.

They named her Jackie. She's now in the care of a foster with the rescue, paralyzed. She may never be able to walk, control her bowels or her bladder. She will need long term care and expensive surgeries, but Purrfect Love is committed to getting her the help she needs. You can donate at

Meanwhile, Purrfect Love is also trying to find the person who shot Jackie. The veterinarian treating her says it appeared someone put the gun up against her back, then fired, almost certainly intentionally. The cat rescue organization is asking you to call law enforcement if you know who may be responsible.

"Please, for the sake of the next animal, whether it be your animal or your neighbor's animal or your neighbor's child or your child. This person that did this has no soul," Bransom Bowman said.

Purrfect Love is having an open house on Saturday and Sunday to introduce their home for adoptable cats in the area. Kitty Kat Haven is next to the Alford Avenue Veterinary Hospital in Hoover. You can find out more about the organization, their new mission, and follow Jackie's journey on facebook at

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