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Church members react to Center Point carnival shooting

CENTER POINT, Ala. (WIAT) -- Church members from the Cathedral of the Cross are speaking out about a shooting that sent several people to the hospital Saturday night in Center Point.

Bishop Phillip Wright is calling the violence horrible and can't understand why anyone would shoot firearms at a family event carnival in his church parking lot.

"I am so grateful that none of these victims have life threatening injuries.  I am very sorry with God as my witness that they had to experience this.   But I am thankful that they didn't lose their life," Wright said.

Choir member Brenda Betsey is also upset about the shooting.

"It is sad and it is awful when you can't even go to a carnival to enjoy yourself without being hurt," she said.

The Jefferson County Sheriff's Office reports there were six people injured in the shooting and the youngest victim was a one-year-old child.  But there were no life-threatening injuries.

Bishop Wright said he is praying for all the victims and whoever pulled the trigger.  But he had this message for the suspect.

"There is a better life than the life you've chosen, the life you've chosen only leads down.  You cannot rise with that type of activity in your life".

Wright says he has received a number of phone calls from the Center Point community, many are praying and offering his church their support.

Authorities have identified a suspect, but he is still at large.

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