Gov Bentley denies wrongdoing, says he won't step down

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) -- Following a ribbon cutting ceremony for the Cahaba Medical Care clinic now open on Tuscaloosa Ave. in Birmingham, Governor Robert Bentley said he has no intention of stepping down amid the impeachment investigation.

"I have done absolutely nothing. All I have done is to serve the people of this state. I can assure the people of Alabama that I have never done anything illegal. I have never done anything unethical. My story has just never been told," said Bentley.

Rumors started about the possibility that he would vacate the post last year after he admitted to making improper statements to his former advisor, Rebekah Mason.

Then, Representative Ed Henry said he expected the Governor to step down in April because of the impeachment investigation.

Bentley said Wednesday that's not the case.

The governor said he's been working for the benefit of Alabamians his entire career and he will see his term through to the end.

"I have no intention of not doing what God has called me to do and that's to serve the people of this state. And the people of this state elected me by 64 percent of the vote in 2014, and I intend to finish out my term of office and we're going to do everything. Just like I spent the last two days in Washington trying to get quality healthcare and affordable healthcare for the people of this state. I'm going to continue to do that until I leave and I will finish out my term. Absolutely," said Bentley.

The House Judiciary Committee recently instructed their Special Counsel to resume the impeachment investigation, but Bentley said Wednesday there is no proof that he's done anything illegal.

"Wait until you see basically what comes out, if anything comes out. And I just want to say that we have never been able to tell our story. And we certainly will be able to tell it at that time if we have to. There are no true, legitimate charges against us. Never have been."

When asked, the governor declined to tell his side of the story Wednesday.

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