Air Force family's missing dog found safe

TRUSSVILLE, Ala. (WIAT) -- UPDATE: We have wonderful news to share! Mia has been found safe. She was found in the Grayson Valley area.

Mia's owner TIffany called us to let us know the happy news. She says they will be picking her up tonight!

ORIGINAL: Tiffany Boble and her husband were in the process of moving when their dog escaped their hotel room in Trussville. The dog has been missing since Thursday, but they're not giving up hope.

"I took a whole trip with this dog and she's been my best friend. She's been by me and my husband was gone and she hung out with me, so she means a lot!" said Boble.

Tiffany Boble was moving across the country with her husband and two dogs. Her husband is in the Air Force, and Trussville was their last stop before their final destination.

"We put them both in the hotel room and left for dinner. The door was shut when I left and when we came back, the door was open and only one dog was there," said Boble.

Mia was missing. She said they spent rest of the night looking for her and even spotted her once, only to have her slip away again.

The next day, Boble started calling vets and shelters and posting online in community forums on Facebook. That's how she met Michelle McCurry, a Rescuer with Must Love Paws.

""We're in flight mode. She's just completely shut down," said McCurry. "She doesn't recognize anybody or anything. She's in complete survival mode."

The dog has been spotted several times and McCurry says they believe they've figured out Mia's patterns. They've even set traps. But because Mia's scared, they're asking anyone who sees her to just report the sighting.

"Don't try to approach, don't go around. Don't do anything. She is not having it. And she can very easily go out into traffic," McCurry asked.

McCurry says they don't need any additional volunteers right now, but if you have an animal trap that you would be willing to donate temporarily, they could put that to use. If you see Mia, contact McCurry or Boble.

Facebook page "Help Reunite Mia"

Michelle McCurry, Must Love Paws


Tiffany Boble, Dog Owner


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