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Alabama student enrollment grows every year

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (WIAT) --Alabama students head back to class Wednesday..

The school now holds 17 national championships for the crimson tide now. 

Although academics is always a big factor in deciding which college to attend, students said Alabama football definitely made the choice easier.

When deciding which college to attend...Alabama students had a lot to say. 

"I knew it was gonna be huge and an amazing experience for me which it has been it’s been incredible experience too," said freshman William Burke.

"I think everyone wants to be a winner in a way and the campus is great and everything but the football when you have a reason to cheer... If you’re going to lose you know that but if not you’re very hopeful about stuff," said freshman Catherine Wahl.

Academics is big factor but maybe the football teamed helped too.

According to the University of Alabama admission office, enrollment has grown every year during Coach Saban’s time. 

His first championship in 2009 , more than 28,000 students attended Alabama..

5 national championships later, more than 38,000 students.

"I believe it. My brothers want to come here because of the football team. They think it’s a great school too, they like the football team , and I think they’ll like it here  just as much as I do," said junior Sierra Groce. 

"It definitely was a bonus like I decided to come here because of my grades and I’m an out-of-state student with a good scolarship so that’s what made me come but I wanted to get away from my hometown stuff," said freshman Terrel Bussey. "Obviously I love football so I came here also for football. I’m glad I chose the school I love football and I love watching every Saturday. Monday is even better."

But whether they came because of their winning titles or the academics...they all agree they’re happy with their decision. 

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