Fire Prevention Week: "Don't Wait, Check the Date" of your smoke alarms

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) -- Fire departments all over the state are using this week to make sure everyone is up to date on fire safety.

This week is National Fire Prevention Week, which means firefighters will head out to schools to make sure kids know what to do in case of a fire.

Studies show kids are more likely to go home and teach their parents about fire safety, which is why firefighters focus on outreach in schools.

Hoover firefighters will use a portable trailer to simulate several real situations to nearly 5,000 students this week. Especially with the dry weather conditions, firefighters say its important for everyone to know how to get out of a fire safely.

"They can simulate smoke, they can simulate how to get out of a fire, how to test a smoke detector," said Rusty Lowe with the Hoover Fire Department.

Fire fighters want to make sure you're doing all you can to keep your family safe.

"Right now, while we do have the severe weather conditions remember that anything that generates heat can start a fire and while everything is so dry think about when you're grilling staying away from the grass and staying away from anything that will burn," Lowe said.

Firefighters are also encouraging smokers to make sure they throw out butts and ashes correctly because it only takes something small to spark a fire in such dry conditions.

They say the message this year is to make sure your home has everything it needs to keep you safe, including smoke alarms.

"Don't wait, check the date. We want everyone to check their smoke alarm and make sure that its not over 10 years old and if the smoke alarm is over 10 years old it needs to be replaced because of the newer technology that can alert people faster", Lowe said.

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