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Governor Kay Ivey declares state of emergency related to state flu outbreak

(WIAT) -- Governor Kay Ivey has declared a state of emergency due to the state's flu outbreak, which has "overwhelmed" health care facilities and personnel throughout the state, according to a proclamation from the governor. 

On Wednesday, the Jefferson County Department of Health held a press conference in which they stated that Birmingham-area hospitals were at or near capacity. 

By Thursday, Ivey states in her proclamation that facilities and personnel were taxed to such an extent that care of patients may now no longer be provided in the traditional, normal, and customary manner nor is the utilization of traditional, normal, and customary standards of care possible.

 Ivey has directed several agencies to exercise their statutory and regulatory authority to assist the communities and entities affected.

Ivey has issued five directives to State Healthcare facilities in order to properly meet the needs that have been made apparent by the State Public Health Emergency.

You can read Ivey's full proclamation in the PDF file above.




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