Birmingham doctors perform revolutionary surgery; restores vision to blind man

BIRMINGHAM, Ala (WIAT) -- A 2014 hunting accident left 26-year-old Cameron Stovall completely blind, but revolutionary surgery by Birmingham doctors has restored his vision in his left eye.

Stovall's success came full circle at the Birmingham Barons game onThursday. He threw the first pitch of the game, which was caught by one of the doctors who helped save his vision.

"It sounds crazy, but I wouldn't change my accident happening because I've been able to encourage so many people on a daily basis," Stovall said. "I feel blessed because of that."

Stovall's story could have easily been different if it were not for the two doctors who spent years researching new methods that made restoring his vision possible.

In the ophthalmology community, the standard has been that doctors test injured eyes for "no light perception". If the eye fails to see light after a certain period of time, blindness is assumed. At that point, most efforts to restore vision are stopped.

But Dr. Robert Morris and Dr. Jay Glover didn't give up on Stovall.

"Go for it. Do everything you can," Morris, who also serves as President of the Helen Keller Foundation, said. "That's the standard for every severe eye injury now, and Cam Stovall proves that."

"I think it's just not giving up on people at any point," Glover added. "However dark it looks, there is always some hope out there. Never give up."

Morris is a staunch advocate for the work of the Helen Keller Foundation and has spent years advancing life-changing procedures. He hopes Stovall's surgery will help to give other patients around the world the treatment they need to give them every chance possible of having vision.

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