Roland Martin hosts school choice forum in Pratt City

BIRMINGHAM, Ala (WIAT)—With a new school year in full swing, parents and school choice advocates are coming together to discuss charter schools and school choice options for Alabama.

Television host and advocate Roland Martin led a town hall discussion on the issue Thursday night in Pratt City.

"Show me an ill in America, and I will show you how education is tied to it. That's why education is the real 21st-century civil rights issue," Martin said.

Along with a multi member panel, he took questions about the school choice issue at the forum hosted by Bethel Baptist Church. Parents and longtime education officials from multiple cities joined the discussion. They all agreed that charter schools were a good option if the school's maintained a set standard of quality.

Martin also wants to expose hypocrisy about the school choice issue.

"The people who are just so adamant, against charters and vouchers, but your kids don't go to public schools."

Martin is taking his message across the state, traveling to Selma on Friday and Montgomery on Saturday. He calls on every parent to do their part to solve the problems he sees.

"If you're sitting on your butt expecting someone else to save your child, you've lost your damn mind. Period," Martin said.


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