Shelby County to review plans for new homes on former golf course

SHELBY COUNTY, Ala. (WIAT) -- The Shelby County Planning Commission is expected to look over the final plans of a new housing development in the Eagle Point Neighborhood, but some people in the area are less than thrilled about the new homes.

The Eagle Point neighborhood is right off of 280 in Shelby County. It was developed around a privately-owned golf course, but back in May that golf course was sold leaving people living there frustrated and concerned about the future of their homes.

Many people moved to the neighborhood specifically for the golf course, but for people living right off of the course everything is changing.

Soon, about 300 homes will be built right in their backyards. David De Araujo lives off of the course, he purchased his home with the idea that he'd always have a golf course, but now say's he'll just have to deal with the changes.

"When you've got a piece of property like this obviously the owners saw potential to earn money and sell it so you can't fault them for bettering themselves," said De Araujo.

CBS42 spoke with homeowners who say they are definitely concerned about property values going down short term, but are hopeful things will balance out long term.

Many people fear people wouldn't want to purchase one of the older homes in the neighborhood and instead wait for the new homes to be built.

Right now, there are only two ways in and out of the neighborhood and traffic gets backed up.

Neighbors tell CBS42 adding hundreds of new homes where the golf course once was will only make things worse.

"You think 280's traffic is bad try Eagle Point traffic, you're going to be putting 298 houses in here, average two cars a house plus the houses we already have here four or five schools already on 119 and they said they did a traffic study," De Araujo said.

He says many people are driving through the neighborhood speeding, trying to cross over to 119.

Developers have agreed to create a 20 foot buffer zone between the older homes and the newer homes right on the golf course. They've also agreed to leave a path so current neighbors can still have access to any lakes and park areas.

The Shelby County Commission will take a look at the final lot plans from the developers at Monday's meeting.

In the meantime, people living in the area will have to enjoy what's left of the Eagle Point Golf Club.

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