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Sheriff: Walker County Man appears to have been electrocuted

NAUVOO, ALA. (WIAT)- The Walker County Sheriff's office is investigating a death. Walker County Sheriff Jim Underwood said a powerline fell on the motor home of James Spencer Friday morning on the 7000-block of Nauvoo Road. Sheriff Underwood said it appears Spencer was electrocuted. He was transported to a local Jasper hospital and pronounced dead.

The motor home caught fire. Sheriff Underwood said a tree may have fallen and broke the power line. There was another person living in the home. he was not hurt.
Around the time of the incident several neighbors told CBS 42 they lost power to their homes.

"We lost power about 5 to 6 o'clock this morning when we were getting up to get the girls ready for school and we lost power it did not connect and tried calling the power company trying to figure out what's going on," said nieghbor Cole Stricklin.
Neighbors tell CBS 42 the power was restored about 11 o'clock Friday morning.

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