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Sister of Lisa Holman, woman found after Pelham search effort, speaks out

BIRMINGHAM, Ala (WIAT) -- The family of Lisa Holman, the woman who was found alive in Pelham after disappearing for 36 hours, is speaking out.

Lisa is recovering at UAB Hospital. 

They tell CBS 42 News that they're overwhelmed with gratitude by everyone that helped bring her home safe. 

Lisa's sister, Kathy Holman Caufield, said her whole family feels blessed. 

"I definitely believe God had his hand on her. I believe in the protection of angels and she does too and it was proven this weekend," said Kathy Holman Caufield. 

But those 36 hours, Kathy wasn't sure what to believe, especially after that 24-hour-window.

"That was the lowest point. I lost all hope. I knew, I thought we would probably find her but I didn't think we would find her in the condition we found her in," said Kathy. 

But she didn't give up. She helped in the search of her sister Lisa the whole time from the moment she found her car, to the news that she was alive.

“They took me to where they were bringing her out of the woods on the ATV and I got right up in her face and said ‘hey you’ and I said ‘you knew we were coming for you right? We’ve been looking for you' and she started crying and I started crying. It was an amazing moment," said Kathy. 

Kathy and Lisa's daughter Anna Grace told CBS 42 they can’t get over how many people helped a stranger.

"Me and Dad ran out there crying and we were very relieved. It felt like all the worry was lifted off of us," said Anna Grace. 

"You hear about all of these people who put their lives on hold, without a second thought they show up ready to take on Goliath. It’s overwhelming and gives you a restored faith in people," said Kathy. 

Lisa is surrounded by those she loved and people who helped find her. Kathy said her spirits are good.

"She was in shock what a grand scale this turned out to be and she's in awe of the efforts and endless amounts of gratitude," said Kathy. 

Kathy said her abdomen was scanned Monday since she had a laceration in her spleen, and surgery is rescheduled for Tuesday. She also has some broken bones.

Family said Lisa's injuries are not life-threatening.


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