They're back! Homeowners prepare for mosquito season

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) -- Get ready, mosquitoes are here and will be sticking around for awhile in Central Alabama.

In fact, some people are already getting a head start on preventing those annoying bites. This year there will be an especially close eye on the mosquito population because of the threat of Zika Virus, which is transmitted through a specific type of mosquito.

No one in Alabama has transmitted Zika from a mosquito in the state.

The Mosquito Squad of Greater Birmingham tells CBS42 that in the five years they've been around, this is the earliest they've seen so many people calling to get their yards sprayed.

"Once we got past the drought situation in late fall, we had some pretty good rain over the winter time and that coupled with the warmer temperatures is definitely a recipe," said Matt Lange with Mosquito Squad.

Mosquitoes thrive in warm weather, once we start seeing more mid-70 degree days, they'll start appearing even more.

"A lot of our returning customers are trying to get ahead of the game but the new folks are just seeing problems already," said Lange.

Mosquito season in Alabama typically runs from early April through October. Benjamin Hanely, lives in the Brook Highland area and says he wasn't prepared just yet to see the pesty bugs.

"Probably put some bug spray on probably, sadly, may not go out as much, it's really sad, I want to go out and play basketball and do whatever but the mosquitoes they keep coming I don't know if I can do that," said Hanely.

UAB's Global Health Center will give an update on the Zika Virus and how it'll impact Central Virginians Thursday at noon.

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