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UAB prepares for "Gameday" experience in Spring game

Birmingham, Ala. (WIAT) -- As the UAB Blazers continue towards their return to NCAA Football, the Blazers will wrap up spring practice with the annual Green and Gold game Saturday.

For a team who hasn't played in an actual game in over two years, treating the spring game like a regular season contest is crucial. That means everything from the pregame meal, to how the Blazers warm up at Legion Field will be as close to the real thing as they can get.

"Well our warmup is going to look like it will on September 2nd," said UAB Head Coach Bill Clark. "That way if we need to correct things but we want to start now we're going to get our minds right tomorrow morning at breakfast which will be very important you know we'll play on that meal and so on."

After a month of spring practices, the depth chart for UAB is starting to take form.  Head Coach Bill Clark emphasized that there were no starters coming into camp, but players are still doing their best to make a good impression on their coaches.

"We've had a lot of competition but there's no time to turn around and relax we've got to keep pushing," said UAB Linebacker Tevin Crews "You have the fall coming up we have the summer coming up and those allow times for younger guys and other guys to come and make another impression on the coaches."

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