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VIDEO: Young Crimson Tide fan breaks down championship win

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (WIAT) -- - The story of one special little fan who was there when the National Championship Crimson Tide team returned home has taken off thanks to social media. 

While many Tide fans love to gather and talk football, one pint-sized analyst stole the show.  The phrase 'age is just a number' usually refers to those defying odds later in life.
But in this case...we're talking about a young Tide fan and how much he knows his stuff.

10-year-old Jackson Way broke down every component of the game from fourth quarter psychology to the mindset of some of Alabama’s key players

"I think they put Tua in because Jalen kept on dropping back to pass, and he was just looking at Calvin Ridley, they had him covered as best as they could. So he was looking, he had all day to throw, then the pressure kept coming,” Way said. 

Video of Jackson’s breakdown of the game has gained plenty of fans online. It’s been shared thousands of times and ESPN has even asked to air it.

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