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Central AL Forecast: Rain chances going up this weekend

Clouds just won't leave and there's no exception for tonight. As a matter of fact there will be some patchy fog that develops around the viewing area since we have so much moisture that is lingering around the state and region.

A few scattered showers will be possible on Friday with about 50% of the viewing area getting some of the rain, but the showers will be scattered and not that heavy as a front swings through the area and pushes a weak line of rain through central Alabama. The temps will begin to drop during the day on Friday and we'll have a bit of a breeze with the numbers eventually hitting the upper 40s into Friday night.

Saturday will be a day where rain moves in and will be heavier and more widespread. Our forecast models are showing that the heavier rain will be over the northern counties of Alabama, but there will be rain all around the viewing area for the evening and night on Saturday. Those showers will linger into the very early hours of Sunday, but most of the rain will have moved out by early morning around daybreak. 

Clouds will not go away though. There will be a few peeks at some sunshine but I don't expect anything as far as a lot of sun for any one area. The weather pattern continues to offer the same scenario we've been stuck in over the past week. Temps will be hitting close to 80 degrees during the first of the week. 

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