Guin hotel roof rips off with guests asleep inside; owners trying to salvage what they can

GUIN, Ala. (WIAT) -- Parts of a hotel in Guin had the roof ripped off in the storms, Tuesday night, while people were asleep inside.

Today, family members of the owner are out in force trying to save as much as they can, and secure the rest before another round of rain. For some, the hotel is both their livelihood and home.

"We heard a lot of noise--the breeze, metal," explained a relative of the hotel's owner, Bina Patel.  "The whole roof is gone, now."

Patel was one of the people who was inside of a hotel room with her family when the storm hit.  She said they woke up as things got rough outside.  "We were so scared last night," she said.  "I was just holding my two little kids, and I just didn't know what to do."

The Relax Inn is on U.S. Highway 43 in Guin.  Patel said her family has owned the hotel for the past five years.  She estimated that about 10 people were inside the hotel during the severe weather.

"Our restroom and the office building is flooded--full of water," she said as other relatives packed suitcases and wheeled precious belongings out of the building.  "It's everywhere.  The hotel sign is gone too."

First responders came to the hotel to move the debris from the building out of the road.

Despite the damage, Patel said that the hotel rooms weren't damaged and that they could still accept guests.  The building also still has electricity.  She said the best way that people could help them recover from the storm is to come and stay at the hotel.  At this time, they do not know the cost of the repairs.

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